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Leone Story


To bring smiles and joy to every customer who walks into our restaurant knowing a mouth watering meal or pizza is waiting for them.


Local Building Inspector James Rosario Siino who always had a dream to open a pizzeria like the one he grew up around during the early ’80s in Holbrook. This restaurant/pizzeria also had Authentic food, inviting ambiance, homemade dishes, and the best pizza in town.


To provide our customers with authentic food and exceptional service while utilizing quality products only. We are not a typical pizzeria, we are an authentic Italian restaurant with savory dishes and pizza. 

Our Food

We use 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil on all our dishes, including our pizza dough mix and Sicilian pie pans which no pizzeria will do, no blended oils, no corn oil. 

We use Grande Mozzarella cheese on all our pizza, the best mozzarella cheese you can buy, a mixture of part skim and whole milk, and our ricotta is Polly-o and Calabro only. 

We use only the best tomato sauce Alta Cucina, low acid and naturally sweet taste.

We make our rice balls and meatballs fresh every day. 

We make our own nutella pastries and homemade tiramisu. 

Come try our food, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.